Ticketing rules

Terms and conditions of ticket purchase PASSPORTIX.EU (further in text reffered as - “Ticket Shop”).

The organizer is the party that sells you the ticket (s) and is responsible for those tickets.

In case of questions and uncertainties about purchasing tickets, contact the Organizer.

The organizer uses technologies and services provided by PASSPORTIX OU, reg. No. 16239909, address Sakala tn 10, Tallinn, Harjumaa 10141, Estonia, (further in text reffered as - “PASSPORTIX”).

PASSPORTIX works as a ticket processor.

PASSPORTIX is responsible for all payment transactions in the Ticket Shop.

If you have any questions or complaints about the ticketing process, you can always contact our helpdesk by e-mail:

Questions related to the event or venue are answered by the organizer of the event.

By registering as a user (hereinafter referred to as the “Ticket Buyer”) in the Ticket Shop, you accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use of the Ticket Shop:

1.PASSPORTIX promotes ticket sales to the Event Organizer who uses PASSPORTIX technologies and services on its own behalf. Information on these events, incl. their descriptions, photos, visual information shall be submitted by the Organizer. PASSPORTIX is not responsible for changes in the venue, date, price or other information related to the event, or for the cancellation of the event.

2. If the Ticket Buyer wants to buy a ticket, he will have to go through the full ticket purchase procedure. During the procedure, the Ticket Buyer will be required to provide the specific information required to secure the ticket. The ticket buyer provides correct and up-to-date information.

3. The Organizer and PASSPORTIX on behalf of the Organizer are entitled to cancel the sale procedure if they have reason to doubt the legitimacy of the information provided.

4. The Ticket Buyer confirms and accepts that it is not technically possible to ensure 100% availability of the Ticket Shop. The Organizer / PASSPORTIX makes every effort to ensure the continuous availability of the website. Measures related to maintenance, safety or capacity requirements, and / or conditions beyond the control of the Organizer / PASSPORTIX, such as interruptions in public communications, power outages, may result in temporary malfunctions or temporary interruptions in the operation of the Ticket Shop.

5. When the Ticket Buyer continues to purchase one or more tickets from the Organizer, he / she shall enter into an agreement with the Organizer regarding the purchase of tickets, access to the event and its course. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that PASSPORTIX is not involved in this agreement. The Organizer is the sole contact person of the Ticket Buyer for the performance of this agreement. The Ticket Buyer assumes that in addition to these terms and conditions, the Event Organizer may create other terms and conditions. PASSPORTIX is not responsible for these terms and conditions and accepts no responsibility for them.

PASSPORTIX does not take the risk of the Organizer's insolvency.

PASSPORTIX is fully  responsible for the processing of all payments in the Ticket Shop.

The organizer determines the ticket price for the specific event, which is the nominal value of the ticket. In the ticket shop, PASSPORTIX adds a purchase service fee to the face value of each ticket, which is paid by the Ticket Buyer at the time of ticket purchase.

By clicking on the "Confirm Purchase" button, the Ticket Buyer enters into an agreement within the meaning of Clause 5. The Agreement between the Ticket Buyer and the Organizer enters into force from the moment the purchase is confirmed by PASSPORTIX.

If the Event is canceled, the Ticket Buyer can only file a claim against the Organizer for a refund of the nominal value of the tickets. Such requirements are governed by law or, if applicable, the terms and conditions of the Organizer. PASSPORTIX does not refund the purchase service fee paid by the Ticket Buyer at the time of ticket purchase.

The Ticket Buyer confirms that this indemnification obligation applies only to the Organizer and PASSPORTIX is only the provider of the platform, which does not assume any obligation in this situation.

PASSPORTIX can ensure the exchange of information between the buyer and the Organizer.

6. PASSPORTIX is technically impossible to determine with complete certainty whether the registered user (Ticket Buyer or Organizer) is the user for whom it is pretended. Therefore, PASSPORTIX is also not responsible for the user's true identity. Each user is fully responsible for verifying the true identity of the user he or she is contacting or using his or her account.

7. Only the Ticket Buyer pays for the tickets, even if he wants to buy tickets for a third party. Tickets may not be resold or transferred to third parties in the course of business. The ticket purchaser assumes full responsibility for the legal consequences arising from the resale of tickets. The organizer / PASSPORTIX is not responsible for this.

8. The right of withdrawal is not granted, because the Ticket Buyer, when reserving the ticket, ensures the provision of the service. Therefore, any ticket order becomes binding upon confirmation of this order by PASSPORTIX and obliges the Ticket Buyer to accept and pay for the ordered tickets.

9. The payment methods offered may vary for different measures. The ticket buyer cannot request additional payment methods from PASSPORTIX or the Organizer. If payments can also be made by bank transfer, the Ticket Buyer must always make sure that the full deposit amount is transferred, referring to the properly structured communication found in the instructions previously sent to the e-mail. Any bank charges in connection with the transfer (eg payments outside the EU) are borne by the Ticket Buyer. PASSPORTIX or the Organizer may reject the order if the amount received in connection with the structured communication does not correspond to the previously sent payment instructions.

10. The texts, data database, design, photographs and illustrations are the intellectual property of the Organizer / PASSPORTIX or the suppliers or third parties with whom they have concluded contracts. Any distribution, reproduction, sale or use of the information without express prior permission is strictly prohibited

11. The ticket purchaser may report the actions of another user if they violate the applicable laws and / or these terms and conditions by writing to e-mail: .

12. The Organizer / PASSPORTIX confirms that all data provided by the Ticket Buyer is important, therefore it should be handled with great care. The Organizer / PASSPORTIX complies with all data protection laws (European Data Protection Directives and other applicable data protection laws). Under no circumstances will PASSPORTIX transfer or disclose your personal data to third parties without your permission.

13. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Ticket Buyer agrees that:

a. The Organizer / PASSPORTIX collects, uses and processes his personal data in order to transfer and process the purchased tickets. This data is: name, surname, address and also user data such as username, password and IP address. By purchasing tickets on behalf of third parties, the Ticket Buyer confirms that he has the right to do so and is authorized to process third party data in accordance with these terms and conditions.

b. PASSPORTIX may, to the extent strictly necessary in individual cases, collect, use and process personal and user data in order to prevent and combat illegal activities.

c. PASSPORTIX may collect, use or process personal and user data even after the account has been terminated, if the Ticket Store has been misused or there is a possibility that the user has committed illegal activities.

14. The purchased ticket will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the buyer in the form of an Internet link, from which it is possible to download the e-ticket in the desired format for later presentation at the event in both smart device and printed form. The ticket purchaser must make sure that all elements, and in particular the barcodes, are printed clearly and legibly. In case of doubt, the Organizer may deny entry to the event. Each barcode is valid only once, unless otherwise specified.

15. The authenticity of this e-ticket can be guaranteed only if it has been purchased in the Ticket Shop. The ticket purchaser should be wary of the so-called "opportunities" offered by third parties or when purchasing tickets through other channels.

16. The Organizer / PASSPORTIX shall not be liable for any errors made by the Ticket Buyer during the booking procedure, for example, if he has ordered the wrong number of tickets or the type of event. Cancellation of the order and / or change of the ticket is possible only with the explicit consent of the Organizer organizing the event. If the Ticket Buyer cancels the transaction and PASSPORTIX understands the reasons for the cancellation, the Ticket Buyer will be refunded the face value of the tickets.

17. PASSPORTIX provides its services professionally, but does not guarantee that these services will be uninterrupted or error-free. PASSPORTIX cannot be held liable for consequential damages, such as, but not limited to, loss of opportunity, loss of income, etc.

18. The ticket purchaser may submit notices to PASSPORTIX by writing to e-mail: . PASSPORTIX may deliver notices to the Ticket Buyer by sending them to the e-mail address specified in the Ticket Buyer's account contact information.

19. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become invalid or become invalid in whole or in part, the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions are still valid.

20. Purchases shall be considered to have been made in the country where the event takes place. These terms and conditions, as well as the contractual relationship, are subject to the applicable laws of the respective country.