Basketball party: "Citi Zēni" koncerts, BC Prometey vs Parnu Sadam, Rīgas Zeļļi vs BK Liepāja


Basketball party! 1 ticket = 2 games!

Basketball party in Arēna Rīga is back and it will be on March 23rd and with 1 ticket you will be able to attend 2 games!

The Latvian-Estonian league champs Prometey at 16:00 will host the Estonian team Parnu Sadam which is fighting for the play-off spot. Rīgas Zeļļi at 19:00 already for the 4th time this season will play against BK Liepaja. Zelli has won two out of three previous matchups.

Between games you are in for a treat - band "Citi Zēni" with a spectacular concert!

DJ Elvis Kozlovskis will provide great music throughout the day, while Rīgas Zeļļi dancers will delight with beautiful performances!

During both games, there will be many surprises for spectators thanks to Rīgas Zeļļi sponsors – Sefinance, Sportland, 885, ECO Baltia Vide, OX Drive, Turība, Gjensidige, Puto and Trufit. The biggest excitement will be brought by "Betsafe Sports supershot" – if you make the shot from center, you will get 5000 euros! "Betsafe Sports supershot" competition will be held during both Prometey and Rīgas Zeļļi games.

The price of tickets will start from 5 euros.

Children up to 7 years of age enter for free without occupying an additional seat.

Entrance is free for people with movement disorders. To apply for tickets, please write to .

Both games you will be able to watch on TV4 and

See you in Arēna Rīga!

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