Root for "Prometey" in the game against Estonian "TalTech" within the Latvian-Estonian League 2024

🏀 "Prometey" - "TalTech"

📅 January 20, 18:30

🔺 Olympic Centre Rimi

🎥 Broadcast: YouTube and DIVISPORT TV channel

TalTech is currently sitting in 7th place of the tournament standings with 10 wins and 8 losses.

It is interesting that only Estonians play in the team, and there are only two players over 24 years old in their roster.

The team from Tallinn has wins against the teams that are located higher in the tournament standings. They defeated VEF and "Ventspils" with a difference of 2 points, yielded to the leader "Kalev/Kramo" by only three points, but at the same time, they lost to the outsiders with a double-digit difference.

Thus, as we can see, TalTech is an unpredictable team that is able to adjust to the fight against the leaders. With this in mind, the match promises to be exciting and impress even seasoned fans.

Therefore, on Saturday, January 20, we are waiting for an exciting spectacular game and inviting everyone to support "Prometey"!

Tickets for the game will be free for Ukrainians 🤩🇺🇦

-Ukrainian Entry Pass ticket owners will be asked to provide valid Ukrainian ID or passport (applies only to free tickets, invitations).

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