Root for "Prometey" in the playoffs of the Latvian-Estonian League on March 30

🏀 "Prometey" - "Ogre"

📅 March 30. 17:00

🔺 Olympic Centre Rimi

🎥 Broadcast: DIVISPORT YouTube channel

On March 30, "Prometey" starts in the playoffs of the Latvian-Estonian basketball league!

Based on the results of the regular championship, our opponent "Ogre" sat in 7th place in the tournament standings

The fact that "Ogre" is the first team in the current season to defeat the "titans" is adding the charm to this game. We still remember the defeat of "Prometey" (76:85) on our own arena on November 4.

Yes, “Prometey” is absolutely different now, but on the other hand, this is the playoffs and there is no doubt that “Ogre” will be stubborn and uncompromising.

There are several legionnaires in the roster of "Ogre" - three Americans, a Lithuanian center and a 19-year-old Ukrainian forward Volodymyr Poluyakhtov, by the way, he is the son of Andrii Voinalovych’s first coach - Lesya Poluyachtova. Volodymyr was aside the game for a long time due to a hand injury, but was eager to recover untill the playoffs and play against the Ukrainian team.

We invite you to support "Prometey" in the playoffs of the Latvian-Estonian League. The most interesting part of the season is coming, when there is no right for mistakes, and the Ukrainian team really needs your support!

-Ukrainian Entry Pass ticket owners will be asked to provide valid Ukrainian ID or passport (applies only to free tickets, invitations).

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